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Code of Business Conduct and Ethics

CXMT has always adhered to the highest standards of business conduct and ethics. Our “Code of Business Conduct and Ethics” is a guide to behavior that every employee is expected to follow. CXMT requires all employees to familiarize themselves with and follow these principles and rules. They are expected to lead by example to ensure the code is fully implemented. Learn More

Business Partner Code of Conduct and Ethics

CXMT requires that all its own actions comply with the company’s code of ethics. At the same time, our achievements would not be possible without the outstanding qualities and capabilities of our partners. Therefore, while creating business partnerships that foster mutual development, mutually beneficial cooperation, and continued success, we also support and encourage our partners, suppliers, and other stakeholders to adhere to similarly high ethical standards. Together we can build a compliant, healthy, and sustainable business environment! Learn More

Compliance Hotline

CXMT will always adhere to transparent and fair business processes. We encourage our employees, customers, and partners to report any violations to the company, including bribery, embezzlement, fraud, unfair competition, and other acts that violate laws, regulations, or the Code of Business Conduct and Ethics.

Internal and external users can use the compliance hotline to report violations. This platform is operated by an independent third party and is available 24/7. CXMT guarantees the security of your personal information and will adopt measures to shield reporters from any retaliation.

Compliance Hotline: www.cxmt.ethicspoint.com