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Yiming Zhu

Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Yiming Zhu was appointed as Chairman & Chief Executive Officer of CXMT in July 2018.

Prior to joining CXMT, Mr. Zhu had been engaged in memory design in USA for several years. In 2005, he returned to China and founded GigaDevice Semiconductor Inc. which soon became a leading player in the global NOR Flash market. He brought innovative minds and passion to the company to develop products empowering various smart applications.

Mr. Zhu has participated in a number of key R&D projects in China and filed more than 50 international and domestic patents. He has also won numerous honors and awards, including the “Innovator of the Year” by Global Sources and the “IC Design Leader of the Year in China” by China Semiconductor Industry Association IC Design Branch in 2013.

Mr. Zhu received his bachelor’s and master’s degrees at Tsinghua University and another master’s degree at the State University of New York at Stony Brook.

Message from Chairman

The information society is supported by data and computing power. The development of communications, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, and blockchain, along with the continued convergence of new technologies, have created a growing demand for memory chips. The market needs more production capacity. CXMT has always considered responding to market expectations and meeting customer needs as its original aspiration.

In 2019, CXMT began to produce 8Gb DDR4, a mainstream product in the global industry. This makes a milestone in our development and means we have taken a critical step forward.

Since was established, CXMT has continuously worked to expand its core semiconductor technologies and high-value IP assets. The company consistently built upon its technology strategy and IP system through independent R&D efforts and cooperation with global partners. Based on the purchase of Qimonda know-how and the signings of relevant patent acquisition and license agreements, CXMT pursues rapid iterative development with a dedicated R&D line and significantly improves its technology through advanced equipment, developing its own distinctive technology system.

At the same time, CXMT is actively stepping into the global core semiconductor ecosystem. Our joining of the Board of Directors of the Global Semiconductor Alliance showed the industry’s respect for our achievements.

Globally, the Chinese market, known for the vigorous innovation and rich application scenarios, contains tremendous opportunities. With our proximity to this market, CXMT will leverage the huge Chinese ecosystem to deliver value-creating and trustworthy products and services to meet the diverse needs of global customers.

Going forward, CXMT will continue to practically and persistently work toward the goals of technology leadership and commercial success.

Yiming Zhu
Chairman and CEO of CXMT