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Technical Advisor

Dr. Peter Poechmueller

Technical Advisor

Dr. Poechmueller is currently Technical Advisor to CXMT. He used to be Vice President of Siemens/Infineon/Qimonda.

Dr. Poechmueller has been engaged in the semiconductor industry for 30 years with ample experience in management of R&D and factories. Among others, he served as head of Siemens/IBM DRAM Alliance in USA, head of Infineon DRAM Product Development worldwide, plant manager of DRAM Assembly & Test Factory Dresden and set up the Qimonda DRAM Development Center in Xian, PR China. Dr. Pöchmüller specialized in semiconductor design, test, assembly and manufacturing. He is the owner of about 100 patents.

Dr. Poechmueller received his master’s degree in 1989 and Ph.D. in 1993 both in Microelectronics at Technical University Darmstadt in Germany.