Explore the Opportunities

CXMT welcomes motivated and entrepreneurial individuals to apply for a place within our talented workforce. The company offers a friendly, collaborative working environment and opens the door to opportunities within the growing DRAM industry. We welcome talents worldwide to cocreate world-class products and cowrite the global DRAM history.




Start-up Spirit


Work and Life

Salary & Benefits

- Salary Package: Competitive compensation packages consisting of basic salary, allowance, quarterly, year-end bonuses, and a long-term incentive plan

- Benefits: Well-rounded benefits including insurance and housing funds, commercial Insurance, paid annual leave, annual checkup and holiday gifts

Events & Activities

- Hobby Clubs: Over 20 employee-led clubs where you can find colleagues sharing the same interests

- Charity Groups: Volunteer opportunities for a wide variety of causes

Growth & Development

- Campus Recruitment: A personal development plan will help recent college graduates establish a career track that aligns with their long-term goals and interests.

- Experienced Applicants: CXMT offers professional and managerial tracks to build on existing skills, interests and goals.

- Life-long Learning: CXMT encourages self-growth by establishing accessible platform to share expertise and knowledge for personal growth.

Working & Living Environment

- Office: Open spaces that encourage cross-team communication and collaboration.

- Housing: Spacious company apartments with fitness, gathering spaces and other amenities.

- Dining: Various tasty and healthy cuisines