CXMT recognizes our duty in preserving and protecting the environment and strictly follows government law and regulations. CXMT has dutifully obtained approvals and permits needed for operations. We go above and beyond of what is required by law and regulation, setting a higher standard on environment protection and continuously looking for ways to improve.

Carbon Footprint

Installing photovoltaic power generation to reduce our carbon emission.

Pollution Management

Protecting local communities and environment with advanced devices to properly dispose of wastewater and gas.

Energy Efficient Lighting

Employing energy efficient LED lighting specially designed with sensors to ensure lights are only being used when necessary.

Labor Rights

CXMT is committed to complying with all labor laws and ensuring a free, equal and fair working environment for its employees.

No Child Labor

CXMT sets forth clear internal rules to prevent the use or consideration of child labor.

Emergency Response Capability

CXMT maintains a comprehensive emergency response plan to ensure the safety of its employees and equipment. Regular safety drills ensure our emergency response protocols meet every appropriate standard.

Production Safety

CXMT employs the most advanced technology to protect employees from potential workplace dangers or mishaps. Intelligent robots monitor the factory and can warn employees of possible dangers.

Employees' Health Protection

CXMT provides annual check-ups for all employees, free occupational health management resources and places limits on overtime to protect employees' physical and mental health.

Zero Discrimination policy

As a company sourcing talent worldwide, CXMT strives to create a working environment with diversity and inclusion. We have a zero-tolerance policy towards discrimination and we do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, country or origin, age or religion.

Job Creation

CXMT has created thousands of high-quality, well-paying jobs since our founding in 2016. To ensure we have a pipeline to world-class talent, we are offering internal training programs and joint programs with universities to help grow the future leaders of the semiconductor industry.


As a good corporate citizen, CXMT actively encourages all of its employees to engage in volunteer activities. Our organized programs help support our employees in their desires to engage in outside charitable causes.

Volunteer Activities

CXMT employees created a volunteer club and selflessly contributed their spare time to outreach activities, such as visiting elder homes and welfare houses. The company is proud to encourage such volunteerism and it reflects the values of our first-class team of employees.

Community Building

We actively engage and collaborate with our local communities. CXMT established a large orchard near the factory and regularly invited staff and community residents to participate in harvesting activities, fostering meaningful community relations.

Sustainable Supply Chain

CXMT strives to build a sustainable and resilient supply chain by collaborating with value chain partners.
Supplier Code of Conduct

Our emphasis on ethics extends beyond our gates. CXMT requires all suppliers to adhere to our specially developed Business Partner Code of Conduct and Ethics and sign a Partner Compliance Commitment Letter. Suppliers must also undergo annual compliance training. Our aim is to promote a compliant, healthy, and sustainable business environment that fosters mutual development, win-win cooperation, and sustained success.

Responsible Sourcing

CXMT takes responsible sourcing seriously. CXMT not only strives to improve the capabilities of our supply chain partners in terms of qualification, technology, quality, and delivery time but also makes long-term supplier selections based on social and environmental standards. Through our rigorous due diligence and CSR assessment of suppliers, we strengthen our expectations for responsible social, ethical, and environmental behavior from our suppliers. Our goal is to guide suppliers to actively fulfill their social responsibilities, respect workers' rights and interests, and protect the environment. We also require suppliers not to use conflict minerals and to control the use of harmful substances. Additionally, we mandate that on-site service providers conduct environmental safety and health management. Our focus is on pursuing sustainable supply chain management that emphasizes social responsibility and environmental protection.

Conflict Minerals and Harmful Chemicals

We place great emphasis on constructing a robust corporate social responsibility framework and engaging in responsible purchasing practices. As part of this commitment, we pledge not to accept metals from conflict mining areas. Additionally, we require all our suppliers to commit to tracing the origins of gold, tantalum, tin, tungsten, cobalt, and mica contained in their products and materials. To align with the global trend towards green products and promote sustainable development in our supply chain, we have developed a hazardous substances management specification based on China RoHS, EU RoHS directive, REACH, and other environmental regulations and industry benchmarks. This specification is tailored to the specific demands of our products and will enable us to upgrade our supply chain to meet customer requirements for environmentally friendly products.

Supplier Code of Conduct

Responsible Sourcing

Conflict Minerals and Harmful Chemicals


Ethics and Compliance

Integrity and compliance are the basic requirements for the survival and healthy development of CXMT .

We adhere to the highest standards of compliance and business ethics to achieve sustainable business development goals.

We also encourage our partners to adhere to highest standards of integrity and ethics, to achieve win-win cooperation and sustainable success.

Violations can be reported on our compliance hotline: www.cxmt.ethicspoint.com

For Employee

We have a Code of Business Conduct and Ethics in place to guide our employees and have established a trade compliance program that covers all business units of the company. All employees must acquaint themselves with the principles and regulations, which dictate them to "do the right thing in the right way," in order to uphold our compliance culture.

For Partners

CXMT has a Partners Code of Business Conduct and Ethics in place to align our partners with our standards of integrity and ethics. We encourge that our business partners fulfill their trade compliance responsibilities, including complying with all applicable export controls, economic sanctions, and customs regulations in order to foster a strong and enduring partnership.